Franchesca P.

“Neopeds Medical Services took care of my siblings and I early on. I’ve been coming here for years and saw it fit to bring my daughter here too. I’m happy that she gets to be taken care of by professionals who grow with her and learn about her just as they did with me.”

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Cristian G.

“Coming to the U.S. you’re always scared of how you’d be treated. What services would be like and how you may not have a lot of equality on those matters. Neopeds has given me a sense of relief and hope. When I come here I’m being served by people who can speak the same languages I speak, who work hard to aid me in my time of need and really pull through one thousand percent! Glad to have found this practice.”


Sofia N.

“The staff at Neopeds are like family. Dr. Verna has been our family's pediatrician for over 16 years. He is an amazing doctor who is always available to answer any questions, concerns, or to just follow up with how his patients are doing. We’re lucky to have such quality care from a doctor who our children love, and who has expertise beyond our expectations. Dr. Verna has treated my twin daughters since the day they were born, and also my son. With humor he makes every child feel safe, and a smile is guaranteed when you leave his office.”