Preparation for Appointment

  • It is the responsibility of the patient to provide us with your complete medical history and information about any care obtained outside the practice between your last and current visit.

  • It is the responsibility of the patient to log-in to the patient portal in order to view their health information.

  • We value the time set aside to see and treat each patient. If you are unable to keep your appointment, we appreciate a 24-hour notice.

  • If you are 30 minutes late for your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you; however, on certain days it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

  • Remember to arrive 15 minutes early before your scheduled appointment.

  • We strive to minimize any wait time; however, emergencies do occur and will take priority over scheduled visits. We appreciate your understanding.

  • It is your responsibility to check your benefits with your insurance company.

  • Walk-ins will be accommodated based on the urgency of the medical problem at hand. If the need for a walk-in appointment is not urgent, we will advise you to set up an appointment for a later date.

  • When you seek care outside the practice, it is your responsibility to let outside providers or facilities know your personal clinicians’ information.

Insurance Plan

  • It is your responsibility to keep an update of your correct insurance information. If your designated insurance company information is incorrect, you are responsible for payment and reimbursement procedures.

  • If “Neopeds Medical Services” is your primary care provider, make sure the practice name and phone number appear on your insurance card. If your insurance company has not yet been informed that “Neopeds Medical Services” is your primary care physician, you may be financially responsible for the current visit.

  • It is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefit plan with regard to, for instance, covered services and participating laboratories. For example:

  • Not all plans cover annual healthy (well) physicals, or hearing and vision screenings. If these are not covered, you will be responsible for payment.

  • For children younger than 2 years, there is a limit as to the number of allowable well visits per year. If the number of visits is exceeded, your insurance company will not pay; you will be responsible for payment.


  • Non-emergency referrals require a notice of 3-5 business days.

  • It is your responsibility to know if a selected specialist participates in your plan. 

  • We must approve referrals before they are issued.

Financial Responsibility

  • According to your insurance plan, you are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurances.

  • Co-payments are due at the time of service. A minimal fee will be charged in addition to your co-payment if the co-payment is not paid by the end of that business day.

  • Self-pay patients are expected to pay for services in FULL at the time of the visit.

  • If we do not participate in your insurance plan, payment in full is expected from you at the time of your visit. We will supply you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

  • Patient balances are billed immediately on receipt of your insurance plans explanation of benefits. Your remittance is due within 10 business days of your bill.

  • If previous arrangements have not been made with our office, any outstanding account balance longer than 28 days will be charged a bill fee for each 28-day cycle. Any balance outstanding longer than 90 days will be forwarded to a collection agency.

  • For scheduled appointments, prior balances must be paid prior to visit.

  • If you participate with a high-deductible health plan, we require a copy of the health savings account debit or credit card, or a copy of a personal credit card to remain on file.

  • We accept cash, credit card, or checks.

  • A fee will be charged for any checks returned for insufficient funds.


  • There is no charge for form completion at the time of your child’s visit. This is considered part of the visit. However, should you lose your forms; there will be a small fee for replacement.

  • Any additional school, camp, or sports forms are subject to a small fee as well as Family and Medical Leave Act Forms. Payment is due when the forms are dropped off. We require 3-days turnaround time.

Transfer of Records

  • If you transfer to another physician, we will provide a copy of your immunization record and last visit to your physician free of charge. We need a notice of 48 hours.

  • A copy of your complete record is available on a per page fee basis. We need a notice of 72 hours.

  • We will provide the records of your child’s visits (including consultations for specialists) rendered here at Neopeds Medical Services only. For any previous records, you must request them directly from your previous doctor(s).

Prescription Refills

  • For monthly medication refills, we require a notice of 48 hours, during regular business hours. Please plan accordingly.

  • It is your responsibility to provide the name of the medication and/or bring the container to the office for proper medication.

  • All foreign medical prescriptions will not be validated except if confirmed/approved for use in the U.S.A and after M.D.’s approval.

  • We discourage IM injection unless medically indicated.

Medical Advice

  • Please provide us, to the best of your knowledge, with the patient’s health information so that the practice team can plan accordingly.

    We provide:

    • Medical advice by phone or email.

    • Medical advice by telemedicine.

    • Medical advice after hours through our automated system. We urge you to keep the line open-if you keep your line busy, call us back again. 

Our priority is that the patient’s needs are met.